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Our un-metered packages are suitable if you have a consistent number of listeners. This is a package that is generally taken by established stations, however is also a very affordable way to start out! Use the calculator above to get a plan that you require. If you're not sure how many listeners your stations has, or you have very fluctuating visitors, check out our metered packages →
Metered Plans
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Our metered packages are the perfect solution for new stations, or stations with very fluctuating numbers of listeners (such as those with scheduled events). These packages allow unlimited listeners at any bit rate, up to a maximum GB usage per month. This means you don’t need to worry about not having enough room! If you're nearing your bandwidth limit (which can be easily tracked through SCPanel), you can seamlessly upgrade to a larger package. For more information email us!
All the staff at Racked Hosting are awesome. I started out knowing NOTHING about how things work. They've been very punctual when a problem occurs. I would recommend them to anyone. And the prices are very affordable. Thanks for all you have done for me & my station!
- Deb
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