So, you like how Racked Hosting works? Why not work for us? Racked Hosting is more then just a hosting company; We do everything from radio stations, creating gorgeous websites, to customized enterprise software! Whatever you like to do, we've got a position for your speciality.

Our unique working environment is what makes us stand out from the rest. We want everyone working with us to have a great time and not just a cubicle job. We allow you to choose hours that work best for you, even if it be late at night! We also have planned events for staff such as bowling or brunch once a month to keep communication active with everyone. At your stations you'll have top of the line Linux or Apple computers. No Windows here.

Our new branch in India is now open, and we are looking for people like you! If you think you qualify, shoot us an email with your resume attached to [email protected]. Only those qualifying and considered will be contacted.

System Administrator
Thorough knowledge of Unix and basic knowledge of web-servers, SQL servers, mail servers, cPanel and other server software. Knowledge of PHP, Python is an added bonus.

Well versed with Adobe Creative Suite, (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript and required to have a moderate portfolio of previous work.

Web Developers
Coders with Intermediate knowledge of PHP, well versed in Control Structures, OOP, Exceptions, XML, Sockets, Sessions, Security, MySQL. Knowledge in AJAX is an additional bonus.