About Us

Christian Koehler formed a small business in 1999 called Ion Web Services. They provided basic internet services and content management systems for the everyday person. For Christian it was more or less a hobby, something to keep him occupied while he furthered his education. Services remained fairly consistent for two years with Christian investing much of his free time ensuring services were up to standards and customers were happy.

In 2001, Mike Clory joined the Ion Web Services team. Mike had plans of expanding services from simple web hosting, to also include streaming media services and dedicated server hosting. IonWS continued to run strong for two more years as the customer base continued to grow.

Christian and Mike decided to reform the company, giving birth to Racked Hosting in December 2003. The services expanded to include full dedicated streaming media and shoutcast services. Customers were happy, and services were more reliable than ever, but something was still missing! Christian and Mike didn’t only want to host websites, they wanted to create them also!

So in 2005 Mike called upon long time friend Swaroop Hegde to join the ever-growing business venture. His programming expertise and technical knowledge opened the doors to a new section of the renewed company, the RH Presence department. The goal of this department is to easily get your business on the internet without the stress. Swaroop, with the help of a few associates, designed and programmed businesses websites who were joining the internet for the first time. This department has since expanded to include many more staff members, and a dedicated development team. He also manages finances and is the backbone of our impressive customer support service.

The trio had stepped Racked Hosting up to a whole new level of service. Things have only continued upwards from there!

Racked Hosting believes in 3 main things:

  • Reliable Service and Support
  • Friendly Staff
  • Cost Effectiveness

In 2007, Christian Koehler, Mike Clory, and Swaroop Hegde all signed the Limited Liability Company agreement, changing the company name from Racked Hosting, to Racked Hosting LLC.

Racked Hosting continues to expand to provide a better experience for their customers. Customers and staff can only look forward to great things from this blossoming company!