Be a station host

Do you currently have a server that’s running out of bandwidth? Stop worrying about running out of capacity! Racked Hosting streaming media servers can help! Our SHOUTcast servers run on the highest quality Tier-1 American bandwidth! Our servers are extremely stable with our own flagship SCPanel product for managing SHOUTcast streams. We will set up a streaming media server for your with SCPanel ready to go! Fully configurable with automatic setup and billing integration. What else do you need?! Already have a server? Visit SCPanel's site to learn about how to install it on your server. If you have any questions regarding being a station host, feel free to email [email protected].
Be a station jockey

Take full control of your viewers streaming media experience! Don’t worry about tying up your own DSL connection! No need to lie awake at night wondering if your server is going to shut down. Racked Hosting will take care of all this for you! Let us look after the server and sleep easy at night! Our revolutionary SHOUTcast Control Panel (SCPanel) allows you to easily configure and manage your SHOUTcast server! With features such as AutoDJ, Usage Monitoring and support for many popular players, the only thing you need to worry about is keeping the good tunes rollin! Email us today for a no questions asked demo.
All the staff at Racked Hosting are awesome. I started out knowing NOTHING about how things work. They've been very punctual when a problem occurs. I would recommend them to anyone. And the prices are very affordable. Thanks for all you have done for me & my station!
- Deb
suitable for around 60 listeners
suitable for around 480 listeners
suitable for around 1200 listeners